Who Are You?

My favorite quote is a notion derived from Archimedes Law; Give me but one firm spot on which to stand and I will move the earth

This notion is a reminder that our foundation – which is to say our values and our moral systems – are what give us strength. In the best of times and in the worst of times, it is this strength which allows us to withstand every challenge. These same values shape our character, and our character shapes our reality. This understanding allowed me to recognize the importance of intention. It is not necessarily our words, but our actions, and our intentions that truly matter.

When one asks ‘about‘ you, we can easily rattle off the generic fluff, but when we truly stop to think about this question, it is not always an easy one to answer…What do you value? What are your moral convictions? This to me says far more than where you work and what you do in your free time.

I believe in The Golden Rule ~ do to others what you would have them do to you (Matthew 7:12); This summation is not only at the root of Religions or of the Torah for which this quote is most famously written; This is the foundation upon which communities have been built. Pre-dating similar famous quotes by Aristotle, and Confucius, are a plethora of recorded sentiments matching this same ethic of reciprocity. The Golden Rule, bearing reciprocity, promotes empathy, and is a clearly defined basis for a moral decision making paradigm.

“Empathy is at the root of kindness, compassion, understanding and respect – qualities that we all appreciate being shown, whoever we are, whatever we think and wherever we come from.”


It is not without significant effort, experience and life lessons kneaded through some healthy criticism and socratic debates, that I arrived at my mantra. Put quite simply, The Golden Rule encompasses everything that I wish to stand for. If I can learn to live from love, I will embody empathy, and from that may engage with the whole world in the purest form and with the purest of intentions. This of course is no easy task, but as the old adage goes – practice makes progress.

So here I am, a thirty-something enjoying this grand experience. I love my family and friends. I love people, their quirks and learning about culture. I find that music, art, and ambiance make life more enjoyable. And, in my way, I appreciate all of life – the light and the dark. I am a global citizen. I do not confine myself to community, nation, stereotype, or some box – I’m human. Curious, kind, and flawed, making my way through this grand experience a few steps at a time, and often at a marathoners pace.

Live from love.

~ Mellissa Riddle